The study examined the effects of land acquisition challenges on the provision of residential property by private real estate developers in Lagos State, Nigeria with a view to enhancing housing delivery.

Data for this study was derived from both primary and secondary sources. Field work through the administration of questionnaire was used to obtain primary data for this study. Two sets of questionnaire were administered. The first questionnaire was administered to the members of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) in Lagos State while the second set of questionnaire was administered to Registered and Practicing Estate Surveying and Valuation firms in Lagos State. A total of one hundred and seventy-seven (177) registered and practicing Estate Surveying and Valuation firms, and eighty seven (87) registered Real Estate Developers firms were sampled making a total of two hundred and sixty four (264).

Data collected were analysed using percentages, relative importance index, ANOVA and Factor Analysis. Findings from the study revealed that land management, external factors, time and procedure and institutional factors were the most significant land acquisition challenges that influenced the provision of residential property in Lagos State, Nigeria.