PURPOSE: This paper investigates the challenges encountered by property managers of mixed use developments in the new Central Business District of Gaborone, Botswana. Property developers are steadily diversifying their investment portfolios by including mixed use developments, given the opportunity-bound evolution of the local industry.

This research paper seeks to identify the challenges that property managers of mixed use developments face in comparison to managing contemporary properties consisting of one type of tenancy. In particular, comparisons in the management styles employed by property managers in relation to the different types of properties will be considered.

DESIGN / METHODS FOLLOWED / APPROACH: In order to expedite this research, managers of identified mixed use developments will be engaged. Qualitative and quantitative methods of research including, but not limited to, conducting interviews, surveys and hypothesis testing will be employed to achieve the study’s research objectives. Tenants who have occupied both single use and mixed used developments will be invited to contribute their views on the managerial styles of the different properties they have occupied.

FINDINGS: The anticipated outcome of this study is the identification of the challenges of managing mixed-use developments, as well as outlining solutions that property managers of these complex developments with an array of tenants can undertake. The findings of the study will be useful in improving the management approach and understanding the intricacy of developing, managing and occupying mixed use developments for stakeholders.

LIMITATIONS: Mixed use developments are a fairly new concept, not only in Gaborone but also countrywide. Therefore, only a limited number of participants will be suitable for the study.

PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: With the progressively increasing popularity of mixed use developments, based on the findings, the conclusions of the study will serve as a precedent for future property managers of mixed-use developments to tackle the challenges faced by managing multifaceted properties.

ORIGINALITY / VALUE OF WORK: This statement certifies that the content of this paper will contain my original piece of work. All the assistance, references and sources to be used to prepare this paper will be duly acknowledged.