As a result of unique nature and crucial role land plays in human settlement, many societies have evolved framework for management of land in order to improve the supply of land, achieve orderliness or other fiscal reasons. It is imperative to investigate the effectiveness of institutional framework by carrying out their diagnostic evaluation in order to see how well they have achieve their aim and compare them with international best practise. The paper aims at evaluating the effectiveness of institutional framework in Lagos, Nigeria with a view of providing information that will enhance land management practise in Lagos State. The study undertakes desktop analysis of existing institution framework in Lagos State. Also, informal interview were conducted with key informant in the Land’s Bureau of Lagos State. In addition to this the study adopts a scaled down World Bank’s Land Governance Assessment Framework as the tool for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the institutional framework which was assessed by experienced professionals in land matters. The result presents areas where reforms are required in order to improve the land management and could be used as a model for other cities. Previous researches on evaluation institutional framework of cities.