PURPOSE: The paper provides an insight into managerial perceptions on the roles of innovation sources and ICT in facilities management (FM) in Lagos Metropolis. It establishes the challenges faced by the facilities managers, level of awareness and determines their perception on the impacts of innovation sources and ICT on facilities management.

DESIGN: A total enumeration survey was adopted; hence, 130 questionnaires were administered on the 130 registered facilities managers who are financial members in Lagos Metropolis in 2016; 90 were retrieved. This represents a response rate of 69%. The weighted mean and relative importance indices (descriptive) were adopted as the tools of analysis.

FINDINGS: The findings posit that frequent change in management (2.43) and lack of effective and appropriate communication skills (2.38) ranged as top challenges faced by the service providers; and thus discovered that they were most comfortable with the use websites and blogs in effective service delivery.

RESEARCH LIMITATIONS/IMPLICATIONS: The paper was only able to cover Lagos metropolis because of time constraints. Most of the registered facilities managers are in Lagos metropolis; hence, the results should substantially form an opinion of their perception.

ORIGINALITY/VALUE OF WORK: The paper consolidates on existing literature on enhancing best practices in facilities management.