The topic deals with a brief presentation of the manual on conceptual models for integration of AMP on GIS systems, which was written by me. The client is Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. The topic deals with integrated physical municipal asset management (road, drainage, building, water supply and so on) using GIS based on the new experience of Urban Local Governance Development Program. It is further based on the author’s experience of manual preparations on the subject of ULGDP cities.

As the manual belongs to Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction, authorization for the writer to present is required by the client. The manual is going to be practically implemented for Asset Management Plan Preparation for ULGDP cities using GIS. The manual is a practical manual supporting the new Asset Management Plan manual written by Professor DR. John Abott (while the author is Ministry of Urban Development).

The new manual deals with a conceptual model backed with demonstration on cyclic and procedural management of physical assets through the management of information on physical asset, maintenance condition and deficit assessment, valuation and finance, maintenance plans, new asset plans, maintenance projects and new asset projects. The destined objective is the preparation of an Asset Management Plan.

It is envisaged to demonstrate with selected assets, the conceptual model and system developed through testing the operation of physical asset, maintenance condition and deficit, valuation and finance, planning and project preparation for efficient operation of Asset Management Plan of the Municipality. It also specifically deals with a dynamic segmentation model and its use for management of linear assets of road, drainage and water.