This paper looks at the Real Estate programmes taught at universities on the African continent, its valuation component and the relationship between the valuation profession and the real estate programmes. Various studies on the African Universities have been done, but none relating to the Property Valuers/Appraisers profession.

The authors seek to determine the relationship between the real estate programmes and the valuation profession by way of a survey of African universities where real estate/property studies are available, the courses that are taught and the number of graduates and post graduates entering the valuation profession. The survey includes the views of lecturers, students and real estate professionals.

The changes and demands in the real estate sector internationally requires that the universities provide them with young professionals with knowledge of the recent developments and current demands of the real estate sector. The scarcity of certain real estate professionals on the continent and especially those specialising in valuation/appraising is a challenge. This study seeks to ascertain whether the universities in Africa teaching the real estate programs are providing the continent with valuers/appraisers.

The growth in investment in Africa from the East and the West was highlighted during the three-day summit between America and Africa held in early August 2014 in Washington. Is the real estate sector in a position to be part of the future in Africa? What role can the universities play in providing the continent with real estate valuation professionals?