Purpose: This study investigates the depth of real estate market research in Nigeria in the light of emerging market dynamics and global market investors. The aim is to unearth the depth of real estate market research and the extent to which the issues addressed by researchers are relevant to the local market while at the same time meeting the needs of global investors.

Design: The study adopts a mixed approach of content analysis and questionnaire survey. The content of real estate market research papers published in selected journals were analysed while primary data were sourced from 95 estate surveyors and valuers including real estate researchers in Lagos State

Findings: The study finds that data remains the major impediment to contemporary real estate market research that addresses the investment requirements of present day investors. In addition, there is a divergence between the current real estate market research needs of practitioners and the research themes of researchers.

Practical implications: The study concluded among others that there is need for a closer collaboration between researchers and practitioners under the auspices of the local professional association in order to bridge the data divide. This will culminate in the creation of a database for the storage of real estate market data for a robust in-depth analysis that deepens the product offerings of the Nigerian real estate market.

Originality/value of work: This is a pioneering study that adopts a mixed methodology in identifying the various research themes by Nigerian researchers and the challenges facing real estate market research within the context of the global real estate market preferences.