Purpose: Conducts a thorough review of the urban housing affordability problem in Africa to propose pragmatic and innovative means of resolving the problem in the context of the socio-economic and political milieu of Africa.

Design: This is an archival research and therefore based on secondary data. The paper begins with a review of the definitions of housing and housing affordability to trace the root cause of the problem. The review will be both scholastic and African oriented to make it uniquely African.

Findings: The problem can be resolved if we have the will and commitment to do so by tapping on the African indomitable spirit, self-determination and enterprise – The problem is worldwide with a LOCAL twist. This is need for African solution for African’s problem to create an African model. Western models have failed and it is time for Africa to rise and shine!

Research Limitation: The main limitation is that those who to the West for answers may not like it but “progressive people” who value African ethos, enterprise and will to succeed will love it.

Practical Implication: It will help all stakeholders to work together to resolve the problem in a meaningful and practical way benefit the African Society.

Originality: Uniquely and innovatively African.