PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to assess whether the expectations of tenants are met in the newly setup commercial buildings in Kampala, Uganda.

DESIGN / METHODS FOLLOWED / APPROACH: The data collected will be analysed quantitatively, carefully tabulated and some illustrated graphically. The analysis will be done using Microsoft Excel. The methods of data collection include: Questionnaires will be administered to the tenants of the selected commercial buildings.

Personal interviews will be held with some of the tenants and managers of the selected commercial buildings that will be relevant to this study.

The desk research will involve looking through magazines, journals, websites related to the study.

Visits to some of the properties in question will be done to give a better understanding on what the tenants and managers of commercial buildings are involved in.

FINDINGS: The major expected output will be a study with the following data, among others:

Considerations taken by tenants as they select the properties to rent in Kampala. Considerations taken by property managers as they accept offers from tenants in Kampala.

Expectations by property managers from tenants and vice versa.

Proposed appropriate guidelines of selection of properties by tenants of commercial buildings in Kampala.

RESEARCH LIMITATIONS / IMPLICATIONS: The study will focus on some selected newly constructed commercial buildings in Kampala, Uganda.

PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: Develop and make recommendations of the appropriate practices of handling tenants in commercial buildings in Kampala, Uganda

ORIGINALITY / VALUE OF WORK: This study is being carried out by the researcher herself, contributing to existing literature.