Mauritius is nominated in several global indices as an attractive country in which to do business. In Africa, Mauritius is also often nominated as the best country to do business, a leader in economic freedom, the most competitive nation, and a success story of good governance. Mauritius has positioned itself as a country where the right conditions are in place for the conduct of business, for investing, working, and living a high quality of life. This research considers the social, technological, financial, economical, investment and political trends affecting Mauritius which in turn have made it an attractive investment destination. Focus is also placed on the major property developments and opportunities in Mauritius. It will also look at how does a population of 1.2 million, in an area of 2040 km2, with no natural resources, achieve financial stability. Real estate makes a contribution of 5.4% to the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The real estate sector is of critical importance to the local economy and forms part of the national policy framework. This includes Smart Cities development and the Property Development Schemes policy framework. There are currently major projects underway to attract Foreign Direct Investments as well as to boost the local economy. The research concluded that a correct policy framework can play an important role in fostering the real estate sector of country.