Gentrification is a common process that is experienced in urban areas that are rapidly developing. Based on the report by UN that 70 percent of the world population will be living in the urban areas by 2025. It implied that the problem of gentrification will still be common in many urban areas of the world. Minna, the capital city of Niger State is equally experiencing the gentrification process which has made the rental value to be high and has forced the low income earners to relocate to areas that they can afford. This study intends to investigate the gentrification process as exemplified in Minna city. It will analyze the consequences of gentrification as it relates to the changes in the urban land market. Both primary and secondary data to identify the rental values and also the effects it has had on the populace will be used. The result will reveal the rental values for the city centre in the past and present. It will show some of the consequences of the process on the low income earners. The study will help the policy makers take into consideration of the effect of gentrification on land administration.