PURPOSE: To examine the change in value, volume and racial distribution patterns of real estate in South Africa between the years 1994 2014

DESIGN / METHODS FOLLOWED/ APPROACH: Quantitative analysis of Deeds Office records

FINDINGS: Black participation in the real estate market has been marked by over 2 million properties being transferred into individual names. Aggregate black buying has surpassed aggregate white buying since 2011 and the level by single black females at the first time buying possibly profiles the future purchase market.

RESEARCH LIMITATIONS / IMPLICATIONS: The research was limited to the data registered in the South African Deed office and does not include leasehold rights granted

PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: The South African miracle is predicated upon economic upliftment predicated on political emancipation. This study shows the quantitative shift of ownership and points to possible development directions for the future

ORIGINALITY / VALUE OF WORK: The research is the authors own work with data sourced from the SA Deeds Office and Lightstone Risk Management