PROLOGUE: Urbanisation in the face of globalization is embraced as a facilitator of dynamic real estate development and investment with the target aim of boosting the socio-economic status of the people. Caution is needed to correlate the dividends of economic growth of each economy with the millennial dynamics in real estate investment standards in order to guarantee the sustainability of both sectors. Deviation from this focus is a possible disastrous end to real estate suitability for the next level of world class environment.

PURPOSE: This paper shall examine the government’s globalization strategy and the prevailing challenges and its effects on the sustainability real estate investment in Nigeria. This is with the view to proposing effective approach to improving her input standard on housing investments.

DESIGN/METHODS FOLLOWED/APPROACH: The study shall take a quasi-exploratory survey approach to elicit relevant data necessary for the improving the nation’s economic status via the real estate investment dynamics. The appropriate probability sampling approaches shall be adopted in a multistage sampling system used to elicit data from some renowned real estate firms, Architectural/ Construction firms.

FINDINGS: Findings shall focus on Nigeria’s adopted strategies of the government to achieving economic growth; her contribution to real estate investment and compliance with world class standard in development. It shall investigate whether the concept of sustainability is incorporated in Nigeria’s real estate investment strategy to globalization program. The predictive outcome of her prevailing strategy shall be identified based on the research results.

ORIGINALITY: Outcomes of this study shall served as a warning guide to the various tiers of the Nigerian government towards prioritizing sustainability of strategic real estate investments and development in their struggle to achieving globalization.