This research work examined the effects of urbanization on urban fringes in Birnin Kebbi metropolis Nigeria. A survey was carried out using a questionnaire and oral interview. One set of questionnaire was designed and administered for the collection of primary data used for the study. The questionnaire was administered on the household heads in the urban fringes. Likert scale, urban growth rate formula and Landsat imagery were used to analyze the primary data collected for the determination of the causes and effects of urbanization on urban fringes. Investigation indicated that the study area experienced urban expansion and this has affected the urban fringes. The effects are among others, the reduction in urban farm activities, increase in the cost of infrastructural development and transportation cost. Provision of cost-effective transportation to ease the problems of commuters, establishment of pragmatic institutions that will see to the effective land use control and management at the urban centres and peri-urban area, effective crime control mechanism at both urban centres and fringe areas so as to discourage the use of urban fringes as hideout for criminals are among the recommendations made in this research work.