Over the years the management of properties on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) campus like the Central Classroom Block (CCB) has been the responsibility of the Estate Organization. End-users (staff and students) are most of the time not satisfied with services provided.

Buildings and other related facilities provide the needed infrastructure for an organization’s core business. Therefore there needs to be a clear balance between the organization’s changing need, and the provision and management of the facilities that are necessary for its effective operations.

The aim of this conceptual paper was to examine the current management practices of the CCB facility vis-à-vis an outsourcing arrangement and analyze the prospects. Main questions that the researchers were concerned about were whether outsourcing can be employed in the management of public educational facilities? If yes, can this arrangement enhance the core business of the University? 

The study reviewed relevant literature and used primary data obtained through interviews, questionnaires and observations in 2012.  Purposive sampling was used to sample the population comprising users of the CCB and staff at the Estate Organization. Two scenarios were used for the analysis; current management structure and the second being a state with the introduction of a private management firm. A valuation of the current and future state of the facility was done and rents accruing analyzed.
The study revealed that the current state of the facility and management approach do not promote effective teaching and learning. The introduction of a private facility management firm will ensure efficient management and end-user satisfaction.