Recent studies suggest that the usual delays experienced in the procurement of infrastructure and abandonment cases which arise as a result of insufficient fund necessitate the need for innovative approach towards financing infrastructural projects in Nigeria. This paper therefore considers the tendency for the contractors and public project executors in the public organizations and aims to explore the advantages of private finance initiatives. To accomplish this aim, questionnaires were administered purposively on the staff of Oyo State Housing Corporation and selected registered contractors (private developers) with the Ministry. Using mean rating point, the survey ranked three different major factors from both group of respondents as the most perceptual factors influencing the adoption of BOT as a mean of financing state projects. The result of the chi-square test did not however provide any statistical relationship between the amount of experience and education of the respondent professionals and their perception on the comparative importance of the identified influencing factors. The study recommends the need for public awareness on the idea of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the necessity to blend to the dynamism of developed World.